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In the state of Ceará.
Text written by Ivanete Nava
Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceará. It´s history began in the early year of 1500 when the spanish arrived to where the city is today. Today, around 500 years later, Fortaleza is a big city with over 3 million inhabitants.
The Atlantic Ocean
Ponte dos Ingleses (Bridge of the Englishmen)
The Bridge of the Englishmen (Ponte dos Ingleses) is an ancient bridge at the Iracema beach. It is always busy with lots of people, both tourists and the local inhabitants.
Iracema is the title and the main character of the novel written by José de Alencar from Fortaleza. The novel is a mixture of historic events and pure fiction. It tells the story of one of the first Portugese immigrants that arrived to the region around Fortaleza. He decided to stay there living amongst the indians and became the husband of Iracema.

As the indian Iracema became so associated with Fortaleza, a beach was baptized after her. Various statues that can be found all over the city have been sculptured in honur of Iracema.

A statue of Iracema.
The Pirate Bar
The Pirate Bar, one of the most popular bars, situated on the Iracema beach. It is a perfect place to see the traditional Forro dance.
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