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Morro de São Paulo

In the state of Bahia.
Text written by Rosilene Nava Lillman
Here are some images from a fantastic island situated about an hours boat trip from Salvador. I recommend everyone to go to Morro de São Paulo. It is a warm and very comfortable place.

Life at the beach can be quite lievly when the sun shines and it is warm. People play beach volley, drink something soothing, eat small dishes under the parasol and relax. It is the good life!
Wonderful beaches!
This is the view from the hammock at the pousada that I woke up to every morning.

View from the pousada

Me taking a walk around the island close to the fortress
The island isn´t that big. You can easily discover the whole island by walking around it.
Me relaxing by the pool
Sunset on Morro de São Paulo
Paradise on earth?
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