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Amazon Eco Lodge

In the state of Amazonas.
Text written by Niclas Lillman
Heading into the unknown...
The Amazon Eco Lodge is a small floating lodge/hotel around 80 kilometers into the jungle from Manaus. That doesn´t seem so far, but to go there you have to take a boat trip over the Amazon river, then a bumpy car ride over an island (i think) and after that another long boat trip in a tiny boat with a rusty old engine following large and small rivers and lakes. Just getting there is an adventure in itself! The trip took around 6 hours, but I promise that you won´t be bored for a second.

When I went to the lodge, I saw fiersome crocodiles, giant spiders and lots of amazing birds that I have never seen before. And that was just on the way there!

I was really stunned with the beauty and variety of the nature, with how the jungle seemed to go on and on without coming to an end.

A tree growing in the middle of the river.
The colors are so strong.
The Amazon Eco Lodge!
Just as you start to give up hope that you are ever going to reach the lodge, suddenly it poppes up around a bend. Actually it lookes somewhat like some kind of space ship that has landed in the water, somewhat out of place. :)

The Amazon Eco Lodge is quite small, with only 18 rooms. Although distant to civilization, it still offers showers and sanitary facilities. At night the generator even produces flickering electricity.
The lodge from above on one of the excursions.

Traditional indian face painting
While at the lodge, there are plenty of exiting excursions to go on. You can personalize and compose your stay at the lodge by choosing what you are interested in.

When I was there I made a number of inspiring excursions; I went jungle treking, fished for and took a bath with piranhas (without getting bitten...), caught baby alligators in the dark, visited some of the native residents and spotted dolphins. Among other things. I especially enjoyed fishing piranhas and then having the catch cooked and served as dinner in the evening. It was delicious as well. :)

Visiting a native famliy was an experience with mixed emotions. Although living close to the beautiful nature I guess many people live a really tough life in the jungle. It seems most persons are aware of the more ´modern´ society but they are not part of it. I saw lack of electricity, fresh water, medical care plus sanitary facilities and products...
Cute children
In spite of their reputation, piranhas are not ususally that dangerous to humans and larger animals. When there is a shortage of food they become desperate, and even start eating each other.

Taking a bath with the piranyas.....
The Amazon Rainforest has an enormous diversity of nature. The region is home to about 2.5 million insect species. At least 40,000 plant species, 3,000 fish, 1,294 birds, 427 mammals, 428 amphibians, and 378 reptiles have been scientifically classified in the region.

On way of enjoying the diversty is by eating of all the different types of fruits that you come across. Picked directly from the tree, a ripe orange tastes so much better than the imported ones I eat back home!
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